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Wellbeing Waterloo Region Calendar: Individual Event Posting Agreement

The Wellbeing Waterloo Region (WWR) Calendar features WWR-specific and other organizational meetings, religious and cultural days of significance, as well as public community events related to wellbeing from WWR and our partners.

WWR is piloting a community partnership via Teamup calendar service in which organizations are able to post/modify events to a specific WWR sub-calendar via a personalized and password-protected link.

While our preference is for organizations to join the initiative and post their own events, we understand that sometimes an organization may have a single event they wish to have listed on the Calendar, without becoming a regular contributor. If you wish to post an individual event, please review the information below.

General WRR Event Posting Criteria:

    1. Must be a community event that is open to the public
    2. Must be relevant to residents of Waterloo Region (local events only)
    3. Must be related to community wellbeing, supporting WWR’s vision of “a community where everyone thrives and no one is left behind.”

Out In Waterloo Region Specific Event Posting Criteria

    1. Events must be relevant to LGBTQ2S+ residents of Waterloo Region.
    2. Events must be respectful of the diverse interests within the LGBTQ2S+/Rainbow community and contribute a Waterloo Region that is supportive and inclusive of the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Process to Request to Add an Individual Event to the Out in Waterloo Region Events Calendar:

    1. To become a community partner, please complete the Request to Contribute Form below, including your name, organization, email, phone number, and reasons for wanting to become a community partner.
    2. Representatives from Wellbeing Waterloo Region and the Waterloo Region Rainbow Coalition will review your request and do their best to post events that adhere the posting criteria. 
    3. Given resource limitations, it can take some time to review and manually post events and posting of your event in a timely manner is not guaranteed. Please provide as much lead time as possible.
    4. Organizations are encouraged to share the WWR calendar with their networks via the WWR website or the Public (Read Only) calendar link:

    Have you reviewed and agreed to the terms and conditions for contributing this event to the calendar? (required)

    Do you consent to posting the information provided on this form as an Event Listing on the Out In Waterloo Region website? (required)